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        Xi urges BRICS solidarity, openness for peace, development

        Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday attended the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum and delivered a keynote speech in Beijing via video link, urging its members to embrace solidarity and expand win-win cooperation and openness in the pursuit of peace, stability and sustainable global development.

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        Death toll of Afghanistan's quake surpasses 1,000

        ?The death toll from an earthquake that struck eastern Afghanistan early Wednesday has surpassed 1,000, while more than 1,500 people were injured.

        China to continue measures for flood control, disaster relief

        China will adopt continued measures for flood control and disaster relief to earnestly protect people's lives and property, according to a decision made at the State Council's Executive Meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday.

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        China's efforts in World Heritage Sites conservation

        China has made great endeavors to maintain and strengthen local characteristics to protect its cultural civilization for the benefit of both the current and future generations.


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